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Who else remembers listening to The American Girls Collection?
As a little girl, I would sit and listen intently to the stories and to this day, I remember sentences by heart because of the talented voice of Katherine Kellgren who read them.
In high school, I spent time reading stories for a small town radio station.

Some years later, customers on the phone would often ask me if I was real or a recording! This kicked me into taking voice-over more seriously and getting some pro training.

That's when I launched Spoken by Brie. Since it's hard for people to remember my French name, Brigitte, I've decided to give them permission to use my nickname -- the French cheese. 

A year later, I found out that I had an issue with my heart that had to be repaired via procedure, and I was so grateful that I had started my voice-over journey when I did!

Now I give it all to every voice project, whether it's helping write the script, providing simple voice solutions, or spending hours to find the perfect music track to match the script. 

One day, I'm going to start a heart foundation to help heart patients pay their bills not covered by insurance.

In the meantime, everything I perform is spoken from the heart.

Thanks for being a part of my journey!


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